Yalagroup ltd.

investing for the future..

Our Vision

YalaGroup Ltd. has been established with sustainability and continuity in mind. We are entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, and engineers who believe that technology can make this world a better place.


YalaGroup Ltd. invests into projects worldwide to build new opportunities.


Our team of experts manages our assets to create a sustainable future.


We are building new products that will shape the world of tomorrow.

Our Awesome Partners

YalaGroup Ltd. is proudly incorporated in the British Virgin Islands on the 6th of July 2018, BVI company number 1985418.


  • BTC: 32FHxsxGEUNv1iS565nQauin1cK3qD8RaU
  • BCH: 3GFqTh7unzPHYUGKD6ww2ra3BCMET9vACt
  • ETH: 0x5dbc6f0f28b40a8cfc3f1beafcd970e58ef95717
  • LTC: MSDqdX8f4jMYeLtew3srxNiPdGNGRqfYVg

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